Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp
Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp
Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp
Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp
Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp
Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp
Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp

Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp

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Middle School Culinary Arts Bootcamp 

Cost: $280 per student

dara’s kitchen LLC

Dates TBD

Eight 90 minute hands on culinary lessons. Skill-focused lessons concluding in a final three course meal presentation, that showcases what the students have learned.  Specific skills will include; Knife skills, Safety & Hygiene, Nutrition, Shopping tips, Food prep, Multi-tasking & general Confidence in the kitchen.

Cost: $280 per student, Includes final presentation meal @ 5pm Date TBD

Note: Final class is a double extended class, 2 hour meal prep and 2 hour full service

Classes will be on site in the OLL kitchens.

All participating students MUST have a signed Parent Consent, , Assumption of Risk, Waiver and Release form, which will be emailed upon registration. Students will not be allowed to attend the program without a signed copy of this form.

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for children of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to promote healthy eating and develop culinary skills through instruction in culinary arts.

Our after-school programs serve as creative outlets for students to develop an interest in food, cooking and healthy eating habits.

Students attend class for a period of 90 minutes.  Students spend 10 minutes at the start of each class reviewing food safety and general food knowledge and the final 10 minutes of class on clean up. A good cook is a clean cook! Each class session will consist of hands on culinary training. As well as assigned homework activities.



What if I have a picky eater? We’ll gently encourage your child to explore in a safe and happy environment. Your child may well come out the other side of this class as a good eater. We have converted many kids, as they are more likely to explore new foods when they’ve cooked it themselves.

Are your classes safe? Absolutely. All kids will have a knife and hygiene safety overview on the first day we meet and use kid appropriate knives. With that in mind accidents do happen and we ask that you sign our wavier.

What about food allergies? We will attempt to adapt our curriculum to special needs. However, our kitchen routinely works with foods that are allergens and if your child has life threatening allergies, we would recommend against taking these classes, as we cannot guarantee complete absence of allergens. It is the participant’s responsibility to inform dara’s kitchen of any food allergies.

Do kids eat the food they make? YES! But it won’t be all cupcakes and cookies. This program is designed to give your child a well-rounded experience in the kitchen and to develop “real” food knowledge and healthy eating habits.

Where do your ingredients come from? Dara’s kitchen secures seasonal, local and organic ingredients, to the best of our ability. Each class we will talk about the ingredients we are using and where they come from, how to read labels.

How do we Register? Registration online to include signed consent form. Payment in full is required at time of registration.

What is the Class refund policy? In order to retain our small class sizes and fantastic service, we are unable to offer refunds.