dara's kitchen culinary arts afterschool program (OLL)

dara's kitchen culinary arts afterschool program (OLL)

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Our Lady of Loretto Middle School program

Cost: $200 per student, final two parent meal is included in this fee

Program Length: (10) 2 hour sessions weekly, the 10th session will conclude in the preparation and presentation of a three course parent meal. 

Program content: Skill-focused lessons in culinary instruction, concluding in a final parent three course meal presentation, which showcases what the students, have learned. This focus emphasizes personal growth in specific skills such as safety, hygiene, shopping, food prep, speed and multi-tasking and general confidence in the kitchen.

Our mission is to provide a safe and fun environment for children of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to promote healthy eating and develop culinary skills through instruction in culinary arts.

Our after-school programs serve as creative outlets for students to develop an interest in food, cooking and healthy eating habits. Classes include hygiene and knife safety skills, cooking basics such as shopping guidelines and instruction on how to read food labels, food preparation and service.

Students attend class for a period of two hours.  Students spend 15 minutes at the start of each class reviewing food safety and general food knowledge and the final 10 minutes of class on clean up. A good cook is a clean cook!

Each class session will consist of 95 minutes of hands on culinary training. As well as assigned homework activities.