dara's kitchen marinade

dara's kitchen marinade

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Thank you for purchasing my Marinade, you will not be disappointed.

This lusciously rich marinade caramelizes and sweetens when roasted, yet has ZERO! Sugar.  My kids can’t get enough of it.

As a chef, my marinade is my number one kitchen tool. It ensures my chicken dishes are never dry or boring, but sweet and tangy, with a beautiful red crispy skin.

When I have a sauce that needs a pop of color or a kick of flavor, I whisk in a teaspoon. I add it to mayo, as a nice smoky burger sauce or veggie dip. I add it to my taco meat, my chili, my bolognaise...., the options are endless.

I especially love my marinade because my kids love it; I’ve converted even the pickiest of eaters, using my marinade. I love that the whole family can eat the one dish, regardless of individual dietary concerns. 

This is a handmade, all natural, zero sugar, low fat, heart healthy, marinade, that is delicious on its own, and a wonder to cook with.

Happy cooking,

Xo Chef Dara